Rogue Matilda FAQs: Who Are They? Who Stocks Rogue Matilda in Ireland?

Rogue Matilda FAQs

Do you love fashion as much as we do? If so, then you're going to want to learn all about Rogue Matilda. This English shoe brand is sure to stun and amaze with their unique designs and stylish shoes. In our latest blog post, we answer some of the most frequently asked questions about this designer label. So, if you're curious to know more, keep reading!


Who are Rogue Matilda?


Katie Matilda Cary, the designer and founder of Rogue Matilda aimed to enter into shoe business following years with frustration at not being able find perfect flat shoes. Pumps were unsupportive; trainers offered no style and traditional brogues unflattering as well - so she set out on a mission to create an alternative that would be fashionable yet resilient while still offering her personal sass-savvy touch!


What started as a small shoe company in the UK has turned into an international phenomenon, with women all over the world sporting their signature style. This is because at its core lies one simple goal: to update tried and tested styles for modern day woman who want something fresh but still practical enough that you can wear it everywhere, everyday!


Rogue Matilda isn't like other fashion brands. They've built a following based on their unique designs and uncompromising commitment to quality. A testament to their quality they have celebrity advocates such as Julia Roberts, Fearne Cotton, and the Hadid sisters.


Where Are Rogue Matilda Shoes Made?


All Rogue shoes are handmade from Portugal by a family of artisans with years of experience and a focus on quality. Their shoemakers take great pride in their work and it shows in the attention to detail that goes into each pair of footwear, be they casual or formal wear!


Watch their behind the scenes video to get an in-depth look at their shoemakers and manufacturing process.


Are Rogue Matilda Shoes Comfortable?


Absolutely! You'll feel the ground beneath you with every step in a Rogue Matilda shoe. All Rogue shoes have either a leather, rubber/neolite or foam EVA sole which provides comfort and support whilst ensuring that these shoes are light yet durable, making them perfect for any occasion or adventure!


How Do You Care For Rogue Matilda Shoes?


Those who love the classic neon colours will be able to use them for years with minimal maintenance. All laces are machine washable, so if you want your shoes super bright take them off and pop in a load of laundry!

Rogue shoes with a rubber/neolite sole are a waterproof leather equivalent that can be taken to the cobbler to resole as with any normal brogue. If you find your EVA sole becomes dirtied at all through wear and tear, use nail varnish remover to get rid of marks on the side. 

Liquiproof is the perfect solution for protecting your favorite pair of suede shoes from liquid damage. It can be applied to both pony skin, velvet and suede sections with no problem - but make sure you don't apply it on any leather finish such as python-effects, metallics or patents because they will discolour over time when exposed often!


Who Stocks Rogue Matilda In Ireland?


Swit Swoo is thrilled to let you know that we are Ireland’s exclusive stockists of the Rogue Matilda brand. We stock an expanded selection of designer brogues, boots and flats from Rogue Matilda. If you’re looking for the full Rogue experience in Ireland, our online store is your one stop shop!


Check out our complete range of Rogue Matilda Shoes online! Grab the perfect pair of Rogue shoes the matches your style.


That being said, here are some designs we think are contenders for the hottest shoe this summer 2022!


Rogue Matilda Maxi Brogues in Black €114.50

Maxi is a brand new style from Award Winning brand Rogue Matilda.  With statement coloured soles and soft raffia uppers in tonal shades, these beauties will elevate your outfit in more ways than one. 

Rogue Matilda Maxi Brogues in Black

Rogue Matilda Pomme Noir Brogue €215.00

Pomme Noir, Rogue Matilda’s signature brogue, is fashion-forward footwear for work and play. A sassy staple for your footwear collection, it features a black patent calfskin upper, pony-effect calfskin side panels, and silky smooth laces with faux fur pompoms to make every step a glamorous affair.

Rogue Matilda Pomme Noir Brogue

Rogue Matilda French Fancy in Silver €99.50

“French Fancy" is one of our latest Spring/Summer Rogue arrival. Designer flats from Rogue Matilda. A comfortable statement shoe that adds an extra layer of fashion and colour to your outfit. We also have her in Midnight Velvet!

Rogue Matilda French Fancy in Silver

Rogue Matilda French Fancy in Midnight Velvet


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