Valentino Bags FAQs: Who Are They? What is the Perfect Bag for Me?

Valentino Bags: FAQ

Who is the Valentino Bags Brand?

The Valentino Bag brand was established in 1952 by Italian designer Mario Valentino. Not to be confused with luxury brand Valentino Garavani, Valentino Bags was in fact founded 8 years prior to the establishment of Valentino Garavani. Since its inception, the brand has been known for its feminine and glamorous designs. While they offer a range of accessories, Valentino's bags are particularly popular, with their elegant shapes and luxurious materials. Today, the brand is still going strong, with a new generation of fashionistas carrying on the Valentino Bags legacy. Whether you're looking for a sophisticated handbag or a flashy clutch, Valentino Bags has something to suit your style. So why not give the brand a try? You might just fall in love with its timeless appeal.


Why should you add a Valentino Bag to your bag collection?

Valentino Bags are designed with the modern woman in mind. The bags are fashionable and functional, with plenty of space for all of your essentials. But what really sets Valentino Bags apart is their attention to detail. Each bag is crafted with care, using only the highest quality materials. The result is a handbag that is both stylish and long-lasting. Whether you're looking for an everyday carryall or a special occasion bag, Valentino Bags has something to suit your needs. So why settle for anything less? Treat yourself to a Valentino Bag and enjoy the finer things in life.


What are the different styles of Valentino Bags? Find the perfect style for you!


The Totes: for the busy women

As any busy woman knows, a large tote bag is an essential part of daily life. It's the perfect way to carry everything you need for work, errands, and anything else that comes up during the day. And when you find the right bag, it can also be a stylish statement piece.


Valentino Bags make some of the most gorgeous large totes on the market. Their styles range from classic and chic to fun and funky, so you're sure to find one that suits your taste. And because they're made with high-quality materials, you can rest assured that your bag will last for years to come.


Please note, these are our final stock for Valentino Bags.


Our Number One Pick


Valentino Bags Anastasia Tote in Black - €79


Meet Anastasia by Valentino Bags, an oversized tote in black. Made from gorgeous textured PU leather, this statement shopper features a roomy main compartment, and multiple interior pockets and pouches for your everyday essentials!



Our Other Top Picks


Valentino Bags Ada Designer Tote Bag in Black  €119 (SOLD OUT)

Ada Black Tote Bag



Valentino Bags Liuto Tote in Ecru  €139 (SOLD OUT)

Valentino Bags Sour Shoulder Bag in White & Tan €109 (SOLD OUT)

Valentino Bags Sour Shoulder Bag in White & Tan 


The Crossbody Bags: for the fashionista

As any fashionista knows, a great handbag can make or break an outfit. And when it comes to finding the perfect bag, crossbody bags are definitely having a moment. Crossbody bags are not only stylish, but they're also incredibly practical. They keep your hands free and they're great for keeping your essentials close at hand. Plus, they're perfect for those days when you just don't feel like carrying a big tote around. Valentino Bags offer a wide range of crossbody styles. So, whether you’re looking for sleek and simple or bold and bright you might just find your new favourite accessory.


Our Top Picks


Valentino Bags Juniper Crossbody Bag in Black  €99 (SOLD OUT)

Valentino Bags Juniper Crossbody Bag in Black


Valentino Bags Sabal Crossbody Bag in Red €85 (SOLD OUT)

Valentino Bags Sabal Crossbody Bag in Red


Valentino Bags Special Ross Crossbody Bag in Taupe -  €95 (SOLD OUT)

Valentino Bags Special Ross Crossbody Bag in Taupe


The Crossbody Clutches: to elevate your style

If you're looking for a stylish and sophisticated way to carry your essentials, look no further than the clutch bag. This timeless accessory has been a fashion staple for decades, and it shows no signs of going out of style. Whether you're attending a formal event or hitting the town for a night out, a clutch bag is the perfect way to complete your look. And when it comes to finding the perfect clutch bag, Valentino Bags is the name to know. Whether you're looking for a classic black clutch or something flashier, you're sure to find it in the Valentino Bags collection. And the best thing it that all Valentino clutch bags come with a removable crossbody strap letting you take them from day to night!  So next time you're looking for the perfect finishing touch to your outfit, don't forget the power of the Valentino clutch bag.


Our Top Picks


Valentino Bags Davina Crossbody with Gunmetal Chain Strap -  €69 (SOLD OUT)

Valentino Bags Divina Crossbody - Gunmetal Chain Strap


Valentino Bags Davina Crossbody in Rose Gold -  €69 (SOLD OUT)

Valentino Bags Divina Crossbody- Rose Gold


Valentino Bags Jemaa Crossbody in Fuschia -  €95 (SOLD OUT)

Valentino Bags Jemaa Crossbody- Fuschia




However, we have provided a list of alternatives below that we know you'll love!


Elie Beaumont Crossbody Bags


Designed in London and hand finished by artisans in Italy. All Elie Beaumont bags are made with premium, genuine leather with gold fitting detailing.


Elie Beaumont Crossbody Bag in Champagne €75.00

Elie Beaumont Crossbody Bag in Cobalt Blue €75.00

Elie Beaumont Crossbody Bag in Bottle Green €75,00


LODI Clutch Bags


These designer clutch bags are crafted from luxurious suede, offering a touch of elegance to any outfit. Adorned with light gold-coloured metal work detailing, including the signature logo, these clutch bags exude sophistication.


LODI Clutch Bag in Metallic Bronze €155.00


LODI Clutch Bag in Metallic Fuchsia €155.00


LODI Clutch Bag in Blue Suede €129.00


LODI Clutch Bag in Pink Suede €129.00

How do I care for my Valentino Bag?

So now that you’ve found the perfect Valentino Bag for you – here’s our top tips on how to care for it and keep it looking brand new from season to season!


  • Store your bag in a cool, dry place away from direct sunlight. A closet or cabinet is ideal.


  • If your bag gets wet, blot it dry with a soft cloth as soon as possible. Avoid using heat to dry the bag, as this can cause the leather to crack.


  • To clean your bag, use a soft, damp cloth and gentle soap. Avoid harsh cleaners or chemicals, as these can damage the leather. Gently wipe the entire bag down, paying special attention to any areas that look dirty or stained. Allow the bag to air dry completely before storing it away.




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