LODI FAQs: Who Are LODI? Who Stocks LODI In Ireland?

LODI FAQs: Who Are LODI? Who Stocks LODI In Ireland?

If you're a fan of designer shoes, then you've probably heard about LODI. This designer brand has a large following for its on-trend styles and approachable prices. But if you're not familiar with the brand, you might have some questions. In this post, we'll answer some of the most common questions about LODI designer shoes.


So keep reading to learn more about this Spanish designer brand!


Who are LODI?

LODI is a Spanish footwear brand that was born in 1978 out of a passion for design and a desire to create something different. From the very beginning, LODI has been about creating shoes that are beautiful and unique, yet still comfortable enough to be worn all day long.


This commitment to quality and individuality has resonated with women around the world, and it continues to be the driving force behind everything the brand does. Today, LODI is one of the most respected names in the designer footwear industry, continuing to push boundaries with each new collection. 


In short, LODI is a brand with a desire to make women feel beautiful, confident, and comfortable in their own shoes!


Are LODI Shoes True To Size Or Wide Fitting?

Lodi shoes are well-known for their stylish designs and high quality craftsmanship. But what about their sizing? Are LODI shoes true to size? The answer is yes! Lodi shoes are designed to fit snugly and support your feet, so you can be confident that you're getting the perfect fit. Whether you're looking for a new pair of everyday shoes or something special for a night out, LODI has a style to suit your needs. 


Are LODI Shoes Comfortable?

This is a question that we get asked a lot. And the answer is yes! LODI shoes are not only stylish and luxurious, but they are also incredibly comfortable. Perfect for everyday wear, LODI shoes are made with the highest quality materials. With a focus on comfort, LODI shoes are designed to provide superior support and cushioning. As a result, you can feel confident and stylish in your Lodi shoes all day long!


Who Stocks LODI Shoes In Ireland?

Swit Swoo is excited to let you know we stock LODI in Ireland! These shoes are perfect for those who want a stylish and comfortable option for their feet. We stock a variety of different LODI shoes, from so there is sure to be a style that suits everyone's taste. In addition, Swit Swoo offers world wide delivery, so even if you're not in Ireland, you can still get your hands on a pair of these beautiful shoes. So what are you waiting for? Order your lodi shoes today!

That being said, here are some selections we think are strong considerations for your spring summer 22 collection!


LODI Haluxur Gold Heels €185.00

These golden heels promises to give your designer shoe collection the Midas touch. Perfect for special occasions, overseas adventures, and romantic date nights.

LODI Haluxur Gold Heels


LODI Marinela Gold Slingback Kitten Heels €189.00

A cute kitten heel, just high enough to elongate the legs, adds the finishing touch to these metallic gold slingback shoes.

LODI Marinela Gold Slingback Kitten Heels



LODI Ombre Slingbacks in Silver & Pink €159.00

Add a pop of colour to your cross-season wardrobe with these Metallic Ombre Slingbacks by LODI. A modern twist on LODI’s best-selling Raian Slingback Pump. 

LODI Ombre Slingbacks in Silver & Pink


And these are just some of our favourites this spring summer season! Check out our complete range of LODI Shoes online! Grab the perfect pair of designer shoes the matches your style.

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