Viguera Shoes Brand Spotlight: Who Are They?

Viguera Shoes Brand Spotlight: Who Are They?

If you're like any other fashion forward individual then you have been eyeing those pair of Viguera Shoes. But who are Viguera and what are they known for?

Well we go through everthing you need to know about this Spanish designer brand, their history, mission and their top lines and styles of shoes!


Who Are Viguera Shoes?

Etablished since 1978, Viguera specialises in crafting and distributing exclusive women's footwear that prioritises both comfort and quality while maintaining competitive pricing.

As part of Viguera's mission, they put significance in comfort within their footwear. The materials used in their shoes are meticulously selected, only using the finest raw materials to ensure your utmost comfort. In essence, Viguera's mission is to provide you with footwear that not only looks stylish but also feels amazing to wear.


What Is Their Top Shoe Style?

Viguera have carved a significant niche in the espadrille sector, earning a reputation as one of the most prominent companies in this line of manufacturing, both in Spain and internationally.

Their esteemed jute espadrilles, deeply rooted in the traditional craftsmanship of La Rioja, Spain, Over time, these classic espadrilles, also known as espadrille or espadrille flats, have undergone significant evolution.

Today, they have become a prominent fashion choice, adorning the feet of celebrities, influencers, queens, and princesses, who pair them with their most fashionable summer ensembles.


Are Viguera Shoes Worth It?

Without a doubt, Viguera Shoes are worth every penny. As a brand committed to providing exceptional quality and comfort, Viguera goes above and beyond to ensure that each pair of shoes is meticulously crafted with attention to detail. The use of top-grade materials and the expertise of skilled artisans result in footwear that not only looks stylish but also delivers long-lasting durability.

Viguera Shoes are designed to prioritise a comfortable and supportive fit throughout the day. Whether you're walking, standing, or dancing the night away, you can trust that Viguera Shoes will keep you feeling at ease.

Viguera's reputation as a prominent player in the industry speaks volumes about the brand's credibility and customer satisfaction. With a rich history and a commitment to excellence, Viguera has gained a loyal following of customers who swear by the brand's quality and style.


Our Top Choices For Viguera Shoes

Now that you know everything you need to know about Viguera, these are our top choices from this designer brand in our online store!


Viguera Cream Leather and Suede Espadrille Wedges €75,00

Viguera Cream Leather and Suede Espadrille Wedges brings the newest arrivals in designer shoes fashion and will add the finishing touch to any of your spring/summer outfits.


Viguera Tan Suede Espadrille Wedges €69,00

Viguera Espadrille Sandals in Tan Suede are designed to provide a perfect balance of comfort and style, with a fresh and unique look.


Viguera Wedge Sandals in Silver €115,00

Viguera wedge espadrille sandal in silver is a stylish and versatile pair of shoes. The upper part of the shoe is made from high-quality leather in a beautiful silver colour, while the sole is made from natural jute.


Viguera Wedge Sandal in Bright White €105,00

A classic blend of comfort and style, these shoes are perfect for both casual and dressy occasions, and their neutral colour makes them easy to pair with a variety of outfits. Whether you're running errands or attending a summer party, Viguera sandal in bright white will keep you comfortable and stylish all day long.


Viguera Sliders in Yellow €70,00

Viguera Sliders in Yellow are designed with comfort and style in mind and are typically made with high-quality materials and cushioned insoles for added comfort. Perfect to suit your summer outfits.


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  1. Are Viguera Shoes true to size? Yes, Viguera Shoes are designed to fit true to size. We recommend ordering your regular shoe size for the best fit. If you have specific concerns about sizing, please refer to our size guide or reach out to our customer service team for assistance.

  2. Can I return or exchange my Viguera Shoes? Absolutely! We want you to be completely satisfied with your purchase. If for any reason you need to return or exchange your Viguera Shoes, please refer to our return policy on our website or contact us for assistance.

  3. How should I care for my Viguera Shoes? To ensure the longevity of your Viguera Shoes, we recommend following the care instructions provided with each pair. Generally, most styles can be easily cleaned with a soft brush or cloth and mild soap if needed. It is important to avoid submerging the shoes in water or using harsh chemicals, as this may damage the materials.

  4. Where can I purchase Viguera Shoes? You can purchase Viguera Shoes directly from our Viguera Shoes Collection Page

  5. Are Viguera Shoes available internationally? Yes, we offer international shipping to many countries. During the checkout process on our website, you can select your desired shipping destination, and the available shipping options and fees will be displayed.

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