Veja Kids FAQs: Who Are They? What Are My Options?

Veja Kids FAQs: Who Are They? What Are My Options?

Veja sneakers and trainers are known for their clean, and contemporary shoe style and now more than ever are being seen on the most renowned runways but does this follow through to their kids shoes?


We cover the topics, you're probably wondering about this designer brand and whether their range will fit your child's style.


Who Are Veja?


Since 2005, VEJA has been creating trainers and sneakers in a truly innovative and socially responsible way. With their business centred around social and ecological values.


VEJA use a wide range of material to make their modern shoe range. Using Brazilian and Peruvian organic cotton for their canvas and laces. The rubber soles of their shoes are made from Amazonian rubber, and other various recycled material such as plastic bottles and polyester to make up the shoe we know to date.


The French footwear brand has positioned themselves in the global runway with their ecological and fair trade conditions!


Are Veja Shoes Good For Kids?


Yes! Veja shoes for kids follow a cool aesthetic and are designed to be ultra comfortable. This is due to their trainers and sneakers being made from soft materials such as suede and leather.


What we love about these shoes is that Veja Kids offer the same level of quality when it comes to flexibility and lightness to that of their adult models.


Are Veja Kids Shoes Waterproof?


In short, our range of Veja kids shoes are not waterproof.


Most Veja sneakers contain panels made from suede, both vegan and animal. With suede it is important that it does not get wet.


Before wearing them for the first time, its is advised that you should waterproof your shoes with a spray adapted to the material. 


Are Veja Kids Trainers and Sneakers Sustainable?


Absolutely! Veja makes their sneakers with raw materials from organic sources  Their founders even state the brand avoids chemicals and polluting processes.


Veja's shoe are also well known for these two features:




Their shoes are made from recycled material such as polyester which are then shredded into flakes and then transformed into fibers that they use for their shoes




Veja continuously ensure that in all processes their social values are met. 


What Size To Get For Veja Kids Trainers?

Please use the size guide below to help pick the best size for your child!







9 11 16.5


9.5 12 17


10.5 12.5 18


11.5 13.5 19


12 1 19.5


13 2 20


13.5 3 20.5


1.5 4 21


2.5 5 22





Where To Buy Veja Kids Trainers in Ireland?


Swit Swoo is proud to say that we are an official stockist in Ireland for Veja kids trainers and sneakers. All Veja kids shoes are top designer shoes that'll impress wherever they go!


Here are some of our favourites from the new collection.


Veja Kids Esplar Trainers With Laces €90,00

Crafted with a smooth bovine, chrome free leather tanned in Brazil to create a highly sustainable shoe! Finished with the Veja's signature V on the side and the iconic brand logo to the rear.

Veja Kids Esplar Trainers With Laces

Veja Kids V-12 Brittany Velcro Trainers €90,00

Features leather sustainably farmed and tanned sourced from the south of Brazil. Finished with the Veja's signature V on the side and the iconic brand logo to the rear.

Veja Kids V-12 Brittany Velcro Trainers

Veja Kids Esplar White California Trainers €99,00

These trainers effortlessly blend style and sustainability. Crafted with ChromeFree leather, they offer a sleek and eco-conscious design. The white detailing adds a touch of elegance to your child's look, making them a versatile choice for any occasion.


These are just some that we personally love! For a full shopping experience be sure to check our Veja Kids Trainers & Sneakers collection.

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