Brand Spotlight: Paul Green Shoes

Brand Spotlight: Paul Green Shoes

In the world of footwear, where style meets comfort and craftsmanship blends seamlessly with innovation, one brand stands out: Paul Green. With a rich history and a commitment to creating exceptional footwear, Paul Green has carved a niche for itself, captivating the hearts and feet of fashion enthusiasts across the globe.

if you're wanting to learn more about this brand, then our blog is perfect! We go through who this brand alongside answering some frequently asked questions in regards to their shoes.


Who Are Paul Green?

Paul Green are a women's shoe label with a mission to develop a line of fashionable women's footwear that are environmental conscious. They put an emphasise on shoe designs that are meant to express your individuality and accompany you through you fashion journey.


Their shoes are crafted in Mattsee, Austria, by skilled artisans and with a commitment to sustainability, Paul Green blends style, conscious choices and expertise into an amazing pair of shoes.


In conclusion, Paul Green work with passion to create great-fitting shoes that reflect their passion for perfection, quality and style. As a company, they value the exquisite natural materials and craftsmanship that goes into making their shoes and trainers!


Where are Paul Green Shoes Made?


Paul Green shoes are exclusively manufactured in Europe by highly skilled local professionals, with all production concentrated in three countries: Austria, Croatia, and Bosnia. These shoes are a testament to European craftsmanship and dedication to quality.


How Do Paul Green Shoes Fit?

Paul Green Shoes are typically true to size! So you can order your size however, we have attached Paul Green's own sizing recommendations below.


  1. Put on the socks you plan to wear with the shoes.
  2. Slip the shoes on - you’ll notice the support and flexible soles.
  3. You should have about a quarter inch of space between the tips of your toes and the end of the toe box.
  4. You want the width to be a bit snug, as the leather uppers and heel counters will mold to your feet with wear. If you are trying on sneakers and the width feels too snug, loosen the laces from the ankle down to the toes, and then tighten again while standing up.


Do Paul Green Shoes Have Arch Support?

Paul Green shoes are designed with insoles that are made with memory foam and have a curved arch support to make your feel comfy and supported all day long!


However,  proper fit is essential for comfort. Paul Green typically offers a range of sizes and widths to accommodate different foot shapes. It's crucial to choose the right size and width for your feet.


Are Paul Green Shoes Comfortable?

Of course! Paul Green uses premium materials in their shoe construction. High-quality leather and suede, as well as attention to detail in craftsmanship, contribute to the comfort and durability of their shoes.


Many Paul Green shoe styles are designed with cushioned insoles and adequate arch support, which can enhance comfort, especially for those with specific foot support needs.


Where to Buy Paul Green Shoes?

You can find a fantastic selection of Paul Green shoes at Swit Swoo! We are an official Ireland stockist for Paul Green Shoes.

When you shop at Swit Swoo, you can trust that you're getting genuine Paul Green shoes, known for their quality and comfort. Whether you're looking for a versatile pair of everyday trainerschic loafers or boots for a special occasion, our collection has you covered.


Recommended Paul Green Shoes

Now that you know everything there is about Paul Green, here are some of our favourite designs new in for Autumn Winter 2023!


Paul Green Black and Gold Trainers €195,00

Paul Green Black and Gold Trainers features a captivating design that exudes luxury and versatility, making these trainers a perfect choice for both casual outings and upscale events.


Paul Green Black and Gold Trainers

Paul Green White and Gold Trainer €195,00

Discover the Paul Green White and Gold Trainer. The seamless fusion of white and gold tones offers a touch of luxury to your footwear collection.



Paul Green White and Gold Trainer


Paul Green Cognac Loafers €185,00

Introducing the Paul Green Cognac Loafer, a timeless blend of sophistication and comfort. The rich cognac hue exudes understated luxury, while the expert craftsmanship ensures a snug fit.


Paul Green Cognac Loafers


In summary, Paul Green's dedication to creating impeccably fitting shoes mirrors their passion for perfection, quality, and style. The brand values the beauty of natural materials and the artistry that goes into fashioning their shoes and trainers, making each pair a testament to their commitment to excellence.


Quick Summary

1. How do Paul Green shoes fit?

Paul Green shoes are typically true to size. When trying them on, wear the socks you intend to pair with the shoes, and make sure there's about a quarter-inch of space between your toes and the toe box. The width should be snug, as the leather uppers and heel counters will mold to your feet over time.

2. Do Paul Green shoes have arch support?

Yes, Paul Green shoes are designed with insoles that feature memory foam and curved arch support to provide comfort and support throughout the day. However, it's crucial to select the right size and width for your specific foot shape to ensure optimal comfort.

3. Are Paul Green shoes comfortable?

Many of their shoe styles incorporate cushioned insoles and ample arch support, making them comfortable for extended wear.

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