Taurus Zodiac Necklace with Emerald Charm

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Handmade from 21 ct gold plated brass this beautiful zodiac necklace features a gold star sign pendant and a gorgeous Emerald charm. With Emerald, being Taurus's zodiac stone, this star sign necklace will make a perfect talisman for yourself or a charming personalised gift for that lucky special person.

Ottoman Hands Taurus Zodiac Necklace with Emerald Charm comes packaged in an Ottoman Hands pouch and is ready to gift.

About Taurus

  • 21 ct gold plated brass
  • diameter of the zodiac pendant - 2 cm
  • necklace can be adjusted to the following lengths - 18, 21.5, 25 cm


April 20 - May 20

Taurus’s element - Earth - allows them to see everything from a grounded and realistic point of view. Responsible, devoted and patient, Taurus is one of the most reliable Zodiac signs. Their ruling planet - Venus - ignites this sign’s love of beauty and creativity.

Taurus’s zodiac stone - Emerald - is a stone of inspiration and patience. Life-affirming gem with great integrity it promotes unconditional love and friendship.