Aquarius Zodiac Necklace and Rose Quartz Charm

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We love this delicate star sign necklace. This Aquarius necklace has been handmade from 21 ct gold plated brass and features two lovely charms: a star sign pendant and a Rose Quartz charm. Rose Quartz - Aquarius's zodiac stone - adds a beautiful touch to this zodiac necklace.

Ottoman Hands Aquarius Zodiac Necklace and Rose Quartz Charm comes packaged in an Ottoman Hands pouch and is ready to gift.

  • 21 ct gold plated brass
  • diameter of the zodiac pendant - 2 cm
  • necklace can be adjusted to the following lengths - 18, 21.5 , 25 cm

About Aquarius

January 20 - February 18

People born under this star sign are naturally shy and quiet, however can express a more eccentric and energetic side. Aquarius is an Air sign, and as other Air signs uses their mind at every opportunity. Their ruling planet - Uranus - lands Aquarius their analytical personality.

Aquarius’s zodiac stone - Rose Quartz - is a tone of unconditional love and infinite piece. It releases emotions and replaces negative energy with good energy.